When I was in high school, a year before I graduated college, I didnt know what course should I take. What was only in my mind is Marketing and Asian Studies. I didn’t know why am I going to take those courses, marketing was suggested by my family and Asian studies is just a pick of mine. I was failed to go to my first choice of university but I’m already quite happy in the university I am in.

Back in that time, I directed and made a video of our whole class for our exams in our English class, it took me a day to finish editing what I had captured and directed. I wasn’t actually the director but the people in our class are so lazy so my friend and I worked everything out. We were both the scriptwriter, cameraman, director, producer and I edited it. Then, I was asked to make a video for our prom, after finishing it, I had to show it to our school heads and they were really impressed and they really liked it. That was where the time I was motivated and I knew that I can really do videos. Then, for our high school night, they asked me to make another video, a while video that sums up our whole year from our freshmen year to our senior year and it was shown to the whole high school community. At the end of that, they really love the video and they were really happy about it. The feeling was absolutely great.

Now in college, I really liked film making, like the directing and producing thing, but now, I’m very more into story writing. I can’t last a day without writing. It’s just amazing. It makes me feel good, as said in my last post. I’m a Communications student and I’m loving my course so much, especially when it comes to writing.

This will just be a short post and I wouldn’t like to make it any longer. I don’t actually know what it is all about but by now, I’m really enjoying writing stories, like novels, books with the genre of fantasy, romance and my favourite, fan fiction. I’m going to end this now and I hope you all have a good day/night. Aha. :)

Uh, write. 

I already consider myself as a writer. It’s already my passion and I swear to you that I have never miss writing a story everyday. I dont feel complete when I dont get to type even one single word in my story. I just type stories on my phone, everyday and this is just the truth. :)
Currently, I’m working on my 9th story. I have already finished 7. I write fan fictions since it’s takes me to a place, to a set where I always wanted to be. It’s like being with someone who you already want to be with and in writing, it happens and it just feels so amazing. I write stories when I feel down, when I need comfort, when I get that anxiety thing, or I just want to write even though I get that writer’s block thing, I’ll still push myself to type even a single word. If I don’t. It’ll just make me feel incomplete. Fan fictions may be called gay by some because I’m writing about celebrities, artist, fiction people, someone i’m fangirling over but it makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. I actually just want to get a degree in college and go write my heart out. That one day, I’d like to go outside, explore out of my place and go to places that I wrote about and njot just google them. I do deep research by the way as I type my stories.
I saw this site: http://advicetowriter.com and it just inspired me to write more. I became more motivated and it’s just amazing. If you’re a writer, you’ll basically relate to what is everything written on that site. I’m really glad I have found a website like this. It just makes me feel so happy and I felt very happy. I’m just starting things out but I have already see improvement by myself.
I dont have anyone who guides me in writing, all I use is my imagination, google and my fangirl skills. I dont have anyone who reviews my stories, I just post them online and I wont care after all even though there are lots of corrections, I just leave an author’s note about apologising about the mistakes.
I write with no rules, I guess that is what fan fiction is all about. I just write what I feel, what I want to happen, the amazing fact about writing or reading fan fiction is that you get to escape reality and that is what I just really love about writing.

Sept. 16, 2013

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